Maria Catuogno: Guest photographer 2023

I am an author-photographer based in the south of France. After living for 9 years in Latin America, I studied at the School of Fine Arts in Aix en Provence.
At present, I am furthering my artistic career as a visual artist and a glass and bronze sculptor. My approach to photography was initially self-taught. I went on to study studio photography. I sometimes use staging in my series, which does not prevent me from mixing images from real life, so that the viewer is faced with both reality and fiction, I am enriched by the various perspectives I encounter: meetings with renowned photographers help me find my personal expression,
My work is focused on describing humans and their socio-cultural problems. Capturing glances is a way to explore my inner self and release occult memory.
I am passionate about documentary photography, the theatre of social issues, while developing artistic research, I give free rein to my creativity and my intuition.
Several exhibitions at the VU gallery, and the Art-Z gallery in Paris, the Maison des Peintres and Croisière in Arles, the Francis Blanc gallery and the Cave de l’ours in PACA have shown my work. Festivals such as Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert (France), Essaouira (Morocco), Selma (Alabama – USA) as well as the QPN festival in Nantes as a QPN finalist award, screening photographic films or exhibit the series.


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