We are proud to annonce the screening of “Zero Zone, Testament to courage”, a film by Mark Hammond About Ukraine’s Eastern frontline 


Director’s Statement

During October and November 2022 I traveled the entire length of Ukraine’s Eastern frontline, from Kharkiv to Kherson, filming in cities and villages directly impacted by the war. Most were previously occupied by the Russians and only recently liberated, and it was through the assistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that I was able to film in these restricted military areas.

The recently completed film does more than visually document the near total destruction of life in this region. It’s a human story, one that gives voice to a cross section of women and men – farmers, soldiers, villagers, medics et al who are fighting to live through this war. Time and time again they openly shared their personal stories with me, hoping that others might come to understand the reality of this war and the profound impact it has had on their lives.

Zero Zone also brings the viewer up close, directly to the front line where the battle is still taking place, where despite the mud and the cold and the incredible odds stacked against them the fight for Ukraine’s sovereignty continues.

I dedicate this film to the indomitable spirit and generosity of the Ukrainian people.

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