Call for admissions

Art connects us and crosses a multitude of boundaries to allow people to come together, to share, and to better understand each other. The Photographic Nights of Selma Festival will highlight photography as an art form and will join people from across the globe to share time together in a place known for its history, where people are hungry for conversations about a future of supporting each other in meaningful ways. The intent is to have a mutual exchange of ideas in ways that invite us all to see how much we have in common when we choose not to focus on our differences. This is a sister event to the successful festivals also founded by Stephane Kossmann in Pierrevert, France and in Essaouira, Morocco.

The festival will be October 22 - 25, and photographers who can travel to Selma, Alabama to be a part of the festival are invited to submit a series of work for consideration. All participating photographers will have their work digitally screened at night, and for those interested in displaying physical work there will be spaces for such exhibits.

Photographers need 25 to 30 images that are part of a series with a meaningful artist statement.
A musician in France will create a soundtrack for each series to be presented in an evening screening when everyone comes together to experience the photography. Click here to learn more about the artists currently selected to participate. Housing and meals will be available to festival photographers.

To submit work for consideration send the following to before JUNE 20th, 2020.
- Artist Statement
- A Brief Bio with link to Website
- A Selection of 10 Low Resolution Images

We look forward to your joining us to meet our festival guest of honor, Jerry Siegel, along with other talented artists with art to share. Thank you for joining us in building a new, beautiful bridge in Selma, Alabama. Our world needs us to dream big and reach our dreams that allow us to walk hand in hand for common good.