Andrea Birnbaum

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2020

Andrea Birnbaum is a photographic essayist working on long form projects related to identity, belonging and memory. She has developed projects on special needs siblings, girls and women, and troubled youth. She is passionate about teaching photography and helping others find their creative voice.
She has taught students of all ages, most recently as an adjunct faculty member at The Art Institute of Michigan, and at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, where she was a faculty advisor for two trips to Haiti, where art students taught art classes to children, and collaborated with Haitian artists in Jacmel, Haiti. She has spent the past year teaching therapeutic photography to troubled young women at a residential facility in Detroit, helping them use photography to express themselves. This project is in development for publication. 
She received her undergraduate degree in Speech Communication and Advertising from Syracuse University, and her Masters of Fine Art in Photography at Maine Media College. 

Before the Memory

My photographs evolve around emotions, quiet scenes and the world around me. Something will catch my eye and my heart at the same time. I see those lovely moments we often overlook and want to preserve them.

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