Chris Huby

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2020

I lived in foreign countries when I was a child. Overthere, I became a young photographer through my relationship to the others. Very young, I thus made every effort to get in touch with poverty, but also with the happiness, through this practical medium. Then, the ambitions came. Little by little, I got closer to the cinema’s business and the documentary’s world while continuing to work the photographic tool.

Since this time I’m travelling around the world continuing to develop an important social photographic work. And so, I got closer to a certain personal vision at the end of several years. The portraits and faces became one of my big interests. The “news” too. At the end, the photojournalistic style settled down slowly – if we can talk about a style. Since a few years, I leave with projects to meet ethnic groups, people in trouble, helped by diverse associations or with the support of televisions and press. Worldwide exhibitions and publications followed.

Mad Syria

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