Elmore DeMott

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2020

Dedicated to encouraging people to connect with art and nature, Elmore DeMott is a speaker, writer and artist. Through this wide variety of work, Elmore shares the message, “Beauty abounds. Seek it daily.”

Elmore earned her BA in Math and Fine Art from Vanderbilt University and began her career in banking. Next she worked in arts administration before putting her own creative talents to work as a photographer. An avid arts supporter who describes the arts as being fundamental to all lives, Elmore serves on the board of South Arts and was the founding president of ClefWorks, an Alabama arts organization, created to promote the education and enjoyment of chamber music through innovative programming. Also in Alabama, she is on the founding leadership team of the new Photographic Nights of Selma Festival, and serves as the president of the Jasmine Hill Foundation. Elmore is a board member of the internationally acclaimed JACK Quartet as well as the New York-based Collaborative Arts Ensemble. Elmore received the 2019 +Factor Award from the New York-based string quartet, ETHEL, for collaborating, connecting and sharing artistic experience.

The wonders of Mother Nature inspired Elmore in August of 2016, to begin her ongoing “Flowers for Mom” photographic series, comprised of daily flower photos, to honor her mother’s Alzheimer’s journey and celebrate nature. Maria Shriver, founder of the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, recognized her as an Architect of Change for her use of art as a means to open up deep conversations about the challenges of aging and the need to acknowledge the beauty of gifts amidst the hardships of our life journeys. In addition to exhibits and speaking engagements, her Camera Journey continues to lead to unique collaborations whereby her art serves as a backdrop for performances such as one with the San Francisco-based Del Sol String Quartet. Her photos were also part of the premiere of a ballet by Norwegian dancer and choreographer, Thomas Johansen at the DAP Dance Festival in Italy. Elmore was the artist in residence for Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert in France, and will continue to travel in her home state of Alabama and beyond, for upcoming speaking engagements and exhibits to share her work.



Elmore DeMott

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