Olivier Borde

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2020

Olivier Borde is a professional photographer working in the press and his images are publicized worldwide. From politicians to celebrities and from the world of luxury to cinema, his eye tells our stories taking us from one world to another.

Five years ago, while on a trip on the Sea of Cortez, Olivier Borde discovered diving and put on a mask and fins for the first time in his life. When he dived he saw a whale shark and then a sea lion further away. The following morning, the ship crew gave him his first diving lesson in a swimming pool 20m deep. Then he quickly went back under water holding his camera to make his first images. The beauty of light underwater was the start of a new passion for the photographer. His need to share a story pushed him to discover this “new” world.

Back in France, he took a training course to learn diving, updated his photo equipment and went on expeditions as often as he could. His first encounter with a
sperm whale was a memorable moment for him. That day, he dived but lost sight of the boat and thanks to the movements of a sperm whale towards him he was able to be back on board. The experience was very powerful and raised his awareness of the natural functioning of this species. Seeking information on sperm whales, he mainly found historical elements but very little on their social organization. He kept diving and making exceptional photos capturing prized interaction moments among sperm whales.

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