Serge Arnal

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2020

Since I have been doing the shows, I have gradually seen these outstretched arms appear to capture a memory with the new modes of communication that are mobile phones or tablets.
They don’t want to miss anything from an event and the only solution is to share the moment and show it.

Mobile phones have become objects of sharing.

I realized it the day I had a mannequin in front of me that was going straight into my lens, and suddenly I saw an arm and then a hand in that hand
I saw my model appear but in this phone that stretched out at the end of his arms.
And that’s why now I who find myself in the front row to make pictures of models
I find myself behind people looking for those outstretched arms to better capture the images through his new tools.

Welcome to the digital age.

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