Kay Sasser Jacoby

Jury member for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2021

Kay Sasser Jacoby’s hand-painted wooden plaques inspire and motivate with uplifting, emboldening quotes and phrases that reflect her desire to share joy with and do good by others. She has lived in Alabama for all of her life so far—born in Ozark, went to college at the University of Alabama where she double-majored in art and advertising, and lived most of her adulthood in Birmingham and now Montgomery, where she moved with her husband, Ray, in 2006. Both her mother and grandmother were painters, and Kay recalls being regularly “crafty, creative, and messy” during her youth. Her deep passion for this state, its people, and the rich variety of cultural arts that are uniquely “ours” recently led Kay to leave her dream job as the Community Arts Program Manager for the Alabama State Council on the Arts, with a plan to put to good use her interests in culture and travel by curating a state-wide arts experience tour of Alabama. In this new chapter of life, she also hopes to focus more on her own art-making, curated tourism, and to continue to help others as an art consultant for those seeking grant funding.


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