Greg Hatton

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2021

Greg Hatton is an African-American Cinematographer // Documentary Photographer, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
His love for image making came at a very early age. His family had cameras around, perhaps as much as any other family of the time; but what really sparked his interest in the art was when he discovered the family photo albums.
This love of the photo album created a desire to see more and more images. Photo albums in the homes of friends, photo spreads in magazines like National Geographic, LIFE, TIME. He was looking everywhere to find more images of the world and ultimately of “life”. This love was amplified when he discovered that movies were literally moving pictures. With that understanding, Greg became obsessed with images and began using images and writing as his medium for story-telling. This turned into a passion of capturing more of what the world had in it and to share that with as many people as possible.

Greg begin work as one of the only African Americans working in the international Motorsports industry, before beginning work in the motion picture industry in the camera department.
He is currently working as a cinematographer and focused on created narrative and documentary work centered around the pressing issues of our time. His latest feature film is entitled Trace The Line; a narrative co-written, edited, produced and photographed by Greg Hatton that follows the experience of two artist during the events of 2020 in Madison, Wisconsin. More information, printed interviews and podcast appearances are listed on Greg’s website;

Artist Statement:

“I began shooting stills and making films to highlight the reality (good, bad or in-between) of the world that we live in.
It’s fascinating what we’re surrounded by every day. More than that, I think what’s truly amazing is what we are as human beings. Every person, in all these places. These incredible things that we do and experience in life. There are so many stories in each one of us. Yet in this society it feels like we lose sight of what really matters at times. How important this life is. How amazing this life is. How those two statements are potentially true for every person and everything on this planet. That’s why I focus my photography on real world people. All of the images you generally see from me are of random people that I see. Real people, in the real world. I capture them how they are, having not met the in most cases. I use the camera to offer people a different perspective on who they are in the world. Beautiful, strong, interesting, dangerous, lovable, funny, intimidating, fearless, timeless. That’s the power of the camera and it’s our responsibility as artists to use this tool to really show us to ourselves.
I’m trying to be a witness to what’s real and to be one that brings attention to who we are, what this life is or can be. Maybe that’s a bit deep, but in the end the focus of my life is creating beautiful images that tell important stories.”

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