Greg Hatton

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2022

Greg Hatton is an African-American Cinematographer // Photographer that was born and raised in Los Angeles, California.

Greg is a self taught artist whose love for image making came at an early age. His passion came from what he discovered in his family photo albums as a child. He found “life” across time and place captured in stills.
Photo albums in the homes of friends, photo spreads in magazines like National Geographic, LIFE and TIME fueled his interest over the years. Greg was looking everywhere to find more images of the world and ultimately of “life”.

This love was amplified when he discovered motion pictures and sent him down a path to understand and utilize the camera as a tool to share with others the world as it appeared before him.
To date Greg has worked in the image making space professionally for just 7yrs. With vast experience previously as part of the international motorsports industry, working with elite motorcycle and automobile racers and teams across the planet. A life story for another time.

Currently Greg’s work is focused on documentary projects, educational workshops and high art.
He utilizes both film and digital mediums and is associated with Leica Camera USA as a brand ambassador.

Instagram : @renaissanceman

Samples of the work: “Title is TBD” subject is the youth of Hawai’i and their ocean

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