Hubert BARRE

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2022

I started photography in 1986 as a photographer in the press service of the armies in Berlin. First investigations around the wall, passing by Check Point Charlie. First exhibitions, and also first photographic encounters with Jean-Claude Lemagny, BNF; Georges Vercheval, Charleroi Photography Museum; Didier Régnier, France 2. Then a lot of exhibitions, selections from festivals; Bessèges, appointment of the image in Strasbourg, photographic meetings of Chabeuil, and, selected and projected in the nights of OFF, festival Voies-OFF Arles cours de l’archevêché in 2016. I continue my journey through photography by publications in magazines. I also do training at the National School of Photography in Arles with François Deladerrière, Lila Neutre, Christine Sibran, Christophe Laloi, Anne-Sophie Tritschler, Lise Dua, Olivier Sarrazin, 4 years for a better approach to photography contemporary. Also represented by the audacious gallery of Geneva. What I like: Diane Arbus, Malik Sidibé, Irwin Penn, Duane Michals. The street inspires me, the portrait also, to be able to also freeze a sequence, but also to contemplate before photographing, a moment of life……

Series Paris’s Metro meet :

I took this series of pictures in the Metro in Paris, 2017-2018 years. It a recent series in all the area of the metro, i began my travel to the crimee station. I want to take pictures of people who utilised the metro all the day and sometines. We saw 2 kinds of people: regular users and occasinal people.
They showned a portrait of their, relax sometimes, and sometimes stress. We can see see a life in the underground area, with musician and differents shops. But we see also the dificulties to approach a point to another point.The noise of the door open and close all the times.
When I took a break in Paris, I went to the exhibition of Irwin Penn, Walker Evans, Malik Sidibé, on my way…..


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