Takeisha Jefferson

Guest photographer for the Photographic Nights of Selma 2022

Takeisha Jefferson was born in January of 1977. This Michigan native was introduced to photography, receiving her first camera around the age of 9. She was self-taught and had a genuine love relationship with photography. As a young military journalist, she continued courting the camera after high school. After the Air Force, she becomes a portrait photographer. With 15 years of work under her belt, she decided to seek her Fine Arts Degree. She took this up in Alabama at Auburn of Montgomery University, where her Birthright Series expanded. She gained a new love for photography through her art history courses.

She was finding artistry in her 23 Chromosomes. Takeishas’s artworks give life to forgotten and unknown members of her family. They sometimes challenge narratives; starting with her “Birthright Series,” and now with her “Veiled Series,” she has captured reflections of her ancestors by photographing her four children mainly. Most recently also photographed her immediate family. Many memories for us can be found through images of family members you’ve never met. Takeisha intends to provide a glimpse into her family’s lost history with her photographic storytelling.


website : takeishas.com

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