Bernard GILHODES: member of the Jury 2023

Bernard GILHODES creator of Agence Clin D’Oeil, a center of expertise in photography and cinema, the Festival de Court Métrage d’Avignon, Fenêtre Sur Courts,Photographer of Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert, Nuits Photographiquesd’Essaouira, and The Photographic Nights of Selma ( Alabama – USA )Managing Director of WebTélé ProjecteurTV from September 2016 to December 2019.Bernard GILHODES is also Reporter and Director of Agence Clin D’Oeil. He produces photo and video reports, as well as interviews. He writes screenplays and directs fiction and documentary films. He writes articles and reviews on cinema, theater, exhibitions and cultural events.

“Bernard GILHODES stops, takes his time, recuts, reframes, absolves masks to erase the actor and transcend the Being. Without taking the last subway, let yourself be caught by these glances that offer themselves, accept the phantasmagoria through your “Basic instinct”, until you are bewitched. This man humbly surprises us in our private lives, extending our dreams in large format. He is the passer-by of the carefree, confident in his choices, who sculpts a gallery of intimate portraits without hubbub, with the elegance of a photographer with a passion for cinema. A native of Tunisia, Bernard GILHODES has retained a taste for the contrast of light and shadow from his sunny homeland. After secondary school, he first turned to computer science, before trying his hand at a number of jobs that gradually led him to photography, a passion to which he has devoted himself since 1976. Over the years, he has practiced all aspects of this art: portraiture, reportage, illustration, fashion, advertising, but above all, show photography (concerts, opera, theater…). Bernard Gilhodes covers cultural events such as the Festival d’Avignon, the Cannes International Film Festival… and his photos appear in the international press. “



Instagram: @gilhodesbernard

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