Gregory Cattcuss: 2023 Guest photographer

Born in 1985, CattCuss completed his engineering studies in 2010. In 2023, more comfortable with images than with words, he chose the photographic medium to tell his story; he then turned to photojournalism and documentary photography, he then followed training at the Spéos school and the POLKA magazine in Paris under the mentorship of Dimitri BECK. He has since started photographic work concerning Alzheimer’s disease for which he documents the evolution of the disease in his father who suffered early. A personal work on the reality of an illness which is not simply reduced to a loss of memory . For him, photography is a way to highlight societal realities, living things and the environment and to recall simple truths that tend to disappear under collective indifference.
Currently based near Paris where he grew up, he develops his reporting projects and personal work in order to offer them to different media and organizations.


Instagram: @cattcuss

Forever Dad

Here’s the daily life of a father through my eyes.

Gerard is now a 65 years old man and he declared the first signs of the disease at the age of 56, is part of 2% early Alzheimer and more generally of the 1.2 million sick people in France.

Gerard’s state of dependency now requires permanent attention, he recently moved into an adapted institute allowing him to cope with the loss of bearings but above all with the other symptoms which are increasingly present such as agitation, wandering, hallucinations, aggression, obsessive symptoms.

He goes now through the seventh stage (the last one) and waits until his body eventually forgets to function well.

My father through the disease / The truth through the disease

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