Nicolas KLEIN: Guest photographer 2023

Nicolas Klein is known for his love of encounters. Truly curious about his contemporaries, he captures them like a reporter or a portraitist. A master of the spoken word, Nicolas Klein engages in dialogue with warmth and naturalness, easily forging bonds. He could make do with words to express himself, were it not for his passion for photography, that other medium that marries art with ideas.

The only filter that Nicolas Klein allows himself to use is his aesthetic demand. Indeed, making beautiful images visible accentuates the scope and resonance of his subject. Nicolas Klein’s photographic approach is not that of the voyeur, but of the witness.

All his projects have one thing in common.

Beyond the social and societal concerns that his sensitivity leads him to address, Nicolas Klein catches people in transition, between two places, two stages or two situations. As if to play a trick on photography, which immortalizes a single moment, Nicolas Klein portrays only people in the making.



portrait nicolas Klein photographe
Photo by © Ken Wong Youk-Hong

Pride’s happy faces

Marseille, France September 2023

One year after the Stonewall riots on Christopher Street in 1969, the first Gay Pride was launched in New York. It was not until 1977 that such an event was held in France. In Marseille this year was the 30th anniversary for the parade in this town. Happy faces and happy parade !

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