Quentin Renard Gunn: Guest photographers 2023

Quentin Renard Gunn, is an American photographer born in Birmingham, Alabama. At the age of five, his family was uprooted to Ft. Dix, New Jersey, a
military duty station that gifted him not just a passport-stamped worldview, but a camera and an insatiable wonder for the unspoken stories around us. This began
his basic training for learning how to see through the lens. Quentin studied fine art photography in university and later mastered his training as apprentice and photographic assistant to some of the worlds leading photographers for nearly a decade between New York City and Los Angeles, forging relationships with powerhouse clients from Vogue Magazine, GQ Magazine, LVMH, The New York Times and more.
For Gunn, the camera isn’t a tool; it’s a weapon of choice. It captures more than just photographs—it arrests the soul, halting emotions in time. With each click, he sends you into a hurricane of feelings, immersing you in a visceral voyage. His artistry isn’t just visual; it’s a symphony of the unseen, the unspoken, weaving raw stories of the lived experience into his beauty, fashion, and portrait work.

Instagram: @quentinrenardgunn

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