Stephane Kossmann - President

Serving communities and providing opportunities to hundreds of photographers in France and North Africa, Kossmann founded and has directed the Nights of Pierrevert Photography Festival in France for 11 years and the Nights of Essaouira Photography Festival in Morocco for four years. Kossmann is an internationally acclaimed photographer known for photographing the stars of the red carpet in Cannes for decades. Kossmann shares his time between New York and France, continuing his freelance career in his quest for sincerity. In advance of the festival, Kossmann will create signature portraits of Selma residents that will be exhibited during the multi-day event.

Joanne Bland - Vice-President

Bland was an 11 year old foot soldier during the famed Selma to Montgomery March. She is the co-founder and former director of the National Voting Rights Museum in Selma, and currently runs a tour agency specializing in Civil Rights tours. Other team members include Parisian photographer Pierre Faure, Los Angeles director/producer Kevin Swain, and Alabama artist Elmore DeMott.


Souhayl A - Cofounder and Artistic Director

Souhayl A is an influential artist-photographer living and working main part of the year in Paris France. His speciality is Storytelling by Art-documentary and Streetphotography. His work has been rewarded and been exhibited internationally in many countries around the world. He is the Founder of Paris Street Photography Awards, a world-famous photo contest that promotes every year new emerging talents in the discipline of Street Photography and Maghreb Photography Awards a competition that promotes every year emerging talents from Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia. He is also member of Art Direction of photo festival Les Nuits Photo de Pierrevert.

Elmore DeMott - Cofounder and Director of communication

Passionate about encouraging people to connect with art and nature, Elmore DeMott is a speaker, writer and artist. Flowers and mighty pine forests - her signature photographic subjects - are featured in exhibits, publications, and arts collaborations. Her Camera Journey takes Elmore throughout her home state of Alabama and beyond. An avid arts supporter who describes the arts as being fundamental to all lives, Elmore was the founding president of ClefWorks, an Alabama arts organization, created to promote the education and enjoyment of chamber music through innovative programming. Elmore is the president of the Jasmine Hill Foundation, and a founding board member of the internationally acclaimed JACK Quartet as well as the New York based Collaborate Arts Ensemble, and the Photographic Nights of Selma Festival.



Members of the founding team

Becky Youngblood - Operations Manager
Afriye We-kandodis - Social Coordinator
Nicolas Lespagnol - Rizzi - Sound Engineer
Carey Fountain - Graphic Designer
Nicolas Klein - Web Manager
Bernard Gilhodes - Claude Bouliou

Art Direction

Stephane Kossmann
Souhayl A.
Elmore DeMott


Charlie Lucas
Kevin Swain