Jury for the 2021 Edition

jerry siegel

Frank Jackson [ Jury President ]

Frank Jackson was born in 1956 in Jacksonville, Florida. The city got its name from the unusually high number of Jacksons living in the area. Complicating matters was the fact that his father had intended to name him Jack, Junior. Had this happened…

Chris Uby

Dana Chandler

Dana Chandler has worked in a variety of capacities within both the private and public sectors. A trained surveyor, civil engineer and project manager, he has helped to design and build projects throughout the South and nation. In later years, Chandler had worked specifically with corporations seeking to start up recycling facilities in the U.S. and Latin America…

Chris Uby

Kay Sasser Jacoby

Kay Sasser Jacoby’s hand-painted wooden plaques inspire and motivate with uplifting, emboldening quotes and phrases that reflect her desire to share joy with and do good by others. She has lived in Alabama for all of her life so far—born in Ozark, went to college at the University of Alabama where she double-majored in art and advertising, and lived most of her adulthood in Birmingham and now Montgomery, where she moved with her husband, Ray, in 2006. Both her mother and grandmother were painters, and Kay recalls being regularly “crafty, creative, and messy” during her…
Chris Uby

Andrew Yawn

Andrew Yawn is a journalist for USA Today’s The American South where he reports on environmental and social justice issues. 

Chris Uby

Sarah Hodges

Sarah studied fine art formally in New York at both the Grand Central Academy for classical painting, and at Fordham University for photography. She later moved to Italy to attend the Florence Academy of Art where she spent a year reproducing great masters’ pieces. After four years of formal art training abroad, Sarah returned to her home island of Oahu where she currently resides and works as a writer covering topics of fine art and art history for online and print publications.

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