Guest photographers for the 2022 Edition

jerry siegel

John Simmons,ASC [ Guest of Honor ]

Born and raised in Chicago, John Simmons came of age at the height of the politically charged, artistically fluent 1960s. His talent as a photographer was identified and nurtured by Robert “Bobby” Sengstacke who ushered him into his early years of publishing his photographs and to his formal education in art and photography as an undergraduate…
Chris Uby

Ken Wong Youk-Hong

Ken WONG YOUK HONG, photographer also known under the pseudonym of The Eye of Ken, perceives the world around him with a disconcerting sensitivity. He captures the soul of the people he photographs by letting his human eyes direct his lens. His photos are part of a citizen and poetic approach, and defend a better living together…

Chris Uby

Chaz Niell

Based in the Washington DC area, Chaz Niell is an award-winning photographer, with over 19 years of experience telling stories through his art to capture the emotion of every subject whether in sports, fashion, entertainment, or social consciousness.
Chris Uby

Frank Jackson

Mr. Jackson’s interest and appetites are diverse. He enjoys fresh air, strawberry milkshakes, and black and white film, though he admits the combination often gives him gas. “I prefer shooting in black and white”, says Jackson, because it forces the viewer to look at the essence of an image…
Chris Uby


After studying Visual Anthropology and then Documentary Cinema in Paris, I made two documentary films in Benin, “Nomadic Projections” in 2008 and “Under the Palabres Tree” in 2014 – selected in 15 festivals and awarded 2 international prizes.My work is part of the long time that requires immersion in a piece of land and a relationship with the Other.

Chris Uby

Takeisha Jefferson

Takeisha Jefferson was born in January of 1977. This Michigan native was introduced to photography, receiving her first camera around the age of 9. She was self-taught and had a genuine love relationship with photography. As a young military journalist, she continued courting the camera after high school. After the Air Force, she becomes a portrait photographer. With 15 years of work under her belt, she decided to seek her Fine Arts Degree…
Chris Uby

Louis-Laurent Dupont

I have always wanted and loved to understand what drives our societies and our social relationships. This curiosity has been nourished by numerous trips, reading historical, philosophical and sociological essays, and it has been embodied in the completion of a thesis in anthropology and in a profession as an urban planner, focused on urban practices and the notion of territory…

Chris Uby

Dale Niles

Niles celebrates the diverseness of the human spirit, appreciating those qualities that make us delightfully unique, yet connected in many ways, particularly through shared experiences and preserved visual memories…
Chris Uby

Warren Simons

Warren Simons practices the art of seeing. Photographs can come from a place where we let go of our expectations and preconceived ideas, and instead open to curious exploration, letting the visual wonders in the everyday world find us. He follows his own road of study, learning from photographers, painters, art teachers, writers, potters, and poets…
Chris Uby

Syd Foster

Sydney A. Foster Is An Established “Photo Native“, A Celebrity, Agency Approved, Published Photographer And Creative Director In Montgomery, Alabama. Sydney’s Work Has Been Featured In An HBO Documentary. Sydney Has Photographed The Likes Of B.O.B,B.Hawk, Dave Matthews, And Tarana Burke Founder Of The “Me Too Movement”. Sydney Has Worked With Agencies…
Chris Uby

Greg Hatton

Greg Hatton is an African-American Cinematographer // Documentary Photographer, born and raised in Los Angeles, California.
His love for image making came at a very early age. His family had cameras around, perhaps as much as any other family of the time; but what really sparked his interest in the art was when he discovered the family photo albums.

Chris Uby

Ashleigh Coleman

Ashleigh Coleman (1983, Virginia) is a self-taught photographer. As she susses out where she lives and what is required of her as a mother, Ashleigh looks through the lens of an inherited Hasselblad.

Chris Uby

Anne Berry

Anne Berry is recognized for her ability to create lyrical, intimate portraits of animals. Her portraits of primates in small zoos in Europe reveal their unique personalities. Anne also explores the theme of childhood and photographs Georgia’s coastal wilderness.

Chris Uby

Roch Domerego

Roch Domerego is a beekeeping biologist, author, professional photographer and member of the GNPP (National Group of Professional Photography). He was born on November 21, 1958 in Montpellier, France. Interested in photography from the age of 11, he obtained an honorable place (17th / 200) at the age of 13 at the International Exhibition of Art Photos in Digne-les-Bains, south of France…
Chris Uby

Kate Sterlin

Kate Sterlin is a photographer currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Her talent and passion for storytelling is a rich part of her artistic vision. Her work has always been deeply personal and began with striking portraits of her father. Born of mixed race immigrant parents and raised in The United States has informed the stories she wants to amplify.
Chris Uby

Michael Cedeño

Born in 1990 to Cuban immigrants in Miami, Michael Cedeño is a Los Angeles based photographer. Having inherited his first cameras from both his grandfather and father, his creative style is strongly influenced by pre-revolution Cuba, as well as fashion and skateboard culture. Michael is passionate about film photography, and plans to continue the family legacy of capturing memories on film.

Chris Uby

John Hendrick

Born in the Bronx, New York, and raised in Queens, John Hendrick enlisted in the Navy in August 1998 as a Hospital Corpsman at the age of 23. This will set the stage for who is John and insight into his body of work “New York, they don’t love you…”

Chris Uby

Laurent Elie Badessi

Laurent Elie Badessi has lived in the United States for three decades. He first discovered America’s gun culture in Texas, where he initially moved from France. Throughout the years, while working and traveling extensively across the country, he realized that guns were popular all over the United States. He noted that they had purposes beyond hunting and target practice, like protection or collecting…

Chris Uby

Annabelle K

Since her youngest age, Annabelle K has been attracted to graphic design. She draws geometrical figures and accentuates the perspective to give them another dimension. Dreamer and artist at heart, she is interested in photography, starting with silver and then digital. and, very quickly, photography becomes for her, a true revelation…

Chris Uby

Nicolas KLEIN

Beyond the social and societal concerns that his sensitivity pushes him to deal with, Nicolas catches beings in transition, between two places, two stages or two situations. As if he wanted to play a trick on photography which immortalizes a single moment, Nicolas only depicts people in the making…

Chris Uby

Elmore DeMott

Passionate about encouraging people to connect with art and nature, Elmore DeMott is a speaker, writer and artist. She finds nature to be her greatest source of inspiration as she proclaims, “Beauty abounds. Seek it daily.” Through her words and images we witness Mother Earth’s invitation to heal ourselves, as well as the planet, by experiencing nature’s abundant beauty and listening to Her voice…

Chris Uby

Hubert BARRE

I started photography in 1986 as a photographer in the press service of the armies in Berlin. First investigations around the wall, passing by Check Point Charlie. First exhibitions, and also first photographic encounters with Jean-Claude Lemagny, BNF; Georges Vercheval, Charleroi Photography Museum; Didier Régnier, France 2…

Chris Uby

Will Jacks

Will Jacks is a process artist best known for his photographic work. He also incorporates explorations with land, objects, sound, video, and community engagement into his practice. His research examines the blurred areas between art and journalism, individual and collective, and the impact of each on the other. …
Chris Uby

Jean-Pierre Duvergé

I learned photography by myself in the days of film, over 50 years ago. I stepped away from it to devote myself to my professional life but in 2014, the passion was the strongest, and deciding to travel to discover the world, I started making images again…
Chris Uby

Zack Mtilk

Young self-taught photographer, Zack Mtilk was born in Essaouira in 1988.
Fond of Russian literature and philosophy, he enjoyed taking snapshots of his daily life with his smartphone like everyone else in the world. As a Souiri storyteller, what he shows us is Essaouira with its traditions, its secrets and the people who live there.
Far from any exoticism, it is his life and that of the Souiris that he gives us to see…

Chris Uby

Kourtney Iman

Kourtney Iman (b. 1997)is a photographer and creative director based in Alabama. Kourtney received her B.A from the University of Alabama in Criminal Justice and African-American Studies. In 2020 she began working towards her MFA in photography at Savannah College of Art and Design, focusing on street photography and portraiture. Her work explores the overall notions of blackness – the culture and the aesthetics that follow

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